FTTB 2019

First to the barrier (FTTB) is the chance to get into the venue before the rest of the crowd and thus bag your spot at the barrier - right at the front!

First to the barrier is only open to Fan Club members - make sure you are logged in

Short version:  Assuming you've got standing tickets for the gig (for you and your guest) then just hit the entry link below, select the show(s) you want to apply for and check out.  We'll let you know if you've won approximately a week before the gig, via email.

Some things you should know:

For our North/South American friends who didn’t take part in LOTB Leg 1 – the process has changed since last time you did this:
No more private messages - Simply choose on the show(s) that you wish to apply for, add them to your basket* and checkout (you will receive an email confirmation with the details of your entry). If you win, you'll be notified by EMAIL, so make sure your registered email address is up to date.

*Please note - We are not charging you. The process takes you through a checkout but there is no cost, we're just using the ticketing system cos it's practical!*

What about mobile tickets and all this new-fangled stuff?
Information on how we will deal with mobile tickets will be given in the winners instructions, as how venues want to handle them tends to vary.
Don't stress if you end up in the 'oh no, I bought all 4 in my name, but only 2 are going in early' situation, we're used to that and will give you all the info you need to sort it out ahead of time.

You will need ID.

You will need to be at the meeting point 30 minutes before venue doors open, at the latest. 
We aim to get you in 15 mins before doors, and once doors are open that's it. Bear it in mind if you weren't gonna show up til past 8!

The guest you bring as your +1 is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. They go in with you.
- If you haven't got anyone to take with you, get on the forum and offer the place if you want to.
- Don't let yourself be bullied or pressured into giving away your +1 if you don't want to.
- Anyone caught hassling people in the queue, begging for a +1, may be exempted from future FTTBs (see below).

We do not condone the selling of FTTB places (yes we see it happening and yes we know who does it) and reserve the right to cancel both your places if we catch you exchanging money for a place. 

Be respectful to one another…
We’re very disappointed to see that there were a few ‘fans’ being ****s on the last tour.

Let us be clear!! If we see any abuse towards our staff, our fans, venue staff or anyone else involved in FTTB, you will be removed and will be banned from all future FTTB events. It's quite depressing we have to say this, but... don't be a ****. 



How many people will be able to get 'First To The Barrier'?
120 places at each gig means that a total of 60 FC members (allowing each winner to bring a friend) will be chosen.

What kind of ticket do I need to have and can I buy one from you?
No - you must already have 2 standing tickets that will allow you to stand at the front for the gig(s) you enter for. If you don't have these standing tickets with you on the day you will not be allowed into the venue.

The FC trip said it included FTTB, Do I still need to enter?
You don't need to enter here if you're going on the FC trip.

How comes you’re not doing FTTB for Rock In Rio?
We don't do FTTB at festivals because they aren't 'our' show and it isn't practical.

Can I enter more than once? Can people win more than once?
You can enter for as many shows as you like. There's no point entering for the same show multiple times - we de-duplicate the entries before picking the winners. People can win more than once - the odds for some shows are fantastic, others not so great. Just depends how many people enter the draw.
Names are chosen using a random number generator.

I won but I can't make it / changed my mind / had an existential crisis. Can I send my mate instead?
Places aren't transferrable, sorry!  We supply names ahead of time and can't make changes.


The age limit of the gig itself applies, of course.

You can enter your name for as many shows as you like.

Failure to arrive at the appointed meeting place in time will forfeit your chance to enter the venue early.

Failure to have the correct ticket for the show will forfeit your chance to enter the venue early.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you check your emails for the pick up meeting point information that will be sent to you before the gig.

Trooper VIP and FTTB aren’t compatible because you can’t be in two places at once, FTTB goes in before Trooper VIP ends.

If you win... please don't post pictures of your confirmation on social media as it can cause all sorts of problems.

All entries must be made via this website, and the management regrets that it will not be possible to accept any applications made by post.

The Fan Club tries its best to obtain early access to the venue, but this is entirely dependent on local factors over which we have no control. We reserve our right to terminate 'First To The Barrier' at anytime up until the doors are open to the general public. Be aware that some venues may not be able to suitably facilitate FTTB.

We also reserve the right to deny FTTB access on the day, or any future days, to individuals whose behaviour we deem unacceptable.


Please Note: Watching a show from the barrier is by nature often uncomfortable and theoretically dangerous (although to our knowledge we have never had any problems with our fans). It is your responsibility to be fit and healthy and you acknowledge that you are entering at your own risk. Management and the band cannot accept any responsibility beyond ensuring your entry to the venue as laid out above. The management cannot be responsible for guaranteeing any positioning, and if you leave your place at the front of the crowd you could lose it.