THERE ARE NO FTTB DRAWS OPEN AT THE MOMENT - we'll let you know when you can enter.



  • What kind of ticket do I need?
    You must have standing tickets for you and your guest. If there are different levels of standing ticket available for a show, you need the one that would let you stand at the front.

  • How many people get to be 'First To The Barrier'?
    120 places at each gig means that a total of 60 FC members (allowing each winner to bring a friend) will be chosen.

  • Why don't you do FTTB at all your gigs?
    We try and do FTTB at all 'our' shows - occasionally it doesn't work out for logistical reasons. Obviously we can't do it at festivals, as it isn't 'our' show to demand such things (and you'd be stuck there all day long if we did!)

  • How do I get FTTB?
    When the next round of FTTB draws open, we'll email you and let you know.