2018 UK Paperless Ticketing FAQ

Did you buy paperless tickets for a UK show but aren’t quite sure what it all means? Here are the three key things you must know ahead of the show:
  • You need to bring government-issued photo identification along with the original debit/credit card that you purchased the tickets with.
  • All of the people on the booking must enter the show together on the night with the original purchaser (and their debit/credit card).
  • You do not need to go to the box office to collect a paper ticket – the purchasers debit/credit card will act as their ticket and will be swiped upon entry.

What if I don’t have photo ID? 

You will need to contact the relevant ticket company* to transfer the booking to someone else in your group that does have photo ID.

What if my debit/credit card has expired? 

If you have an updated card with the same number, that’s fine. If the number has changed, you can either bring the old expired card (it will still work) or contact the relevant ticketing company to update your card details.

What if my debit card is lost/stolen?
You will need to contact the relevant ticket company to update your card details.

What if I bought the tickets as a present for someone else and the booking is in my name?
You will need to contact the relevant ticket company to transfer the booking over to the person who is actually attending the show.


So this guy on an auction site’s got tickets and says they're legit but he has to come in with us cos his name's on the card and if anyone asks I'm meant to pretend I'm his sister and lie about how much I’m paying him...
We know who these people are. We'll have a team on the ground at shows looking out for them and turning them away. In a nutshell – If you buy tickets from an unauthorized source, it will be either invalid or counterfeit. Do not become a victim.

*Paperless tickets for this tour are from Ticketmaster for all shows except the London O2 shows – you need to contact AXS for those. The contact details are down below.

If you need assistance with your booking, your first point of call needs to be the relevant ticket company's customer services department.  We've linked to them all below, please check your confirmation email if you're not sure which company your tickets came from.

Do use their web forms (and read their FAQ), it does help to filter queries more easily and sometimes the FAQ might have the answer.


Ticketmaster | Eventim


Ticketmaster you can contact TM UK using that link, or contact TM Ireland if you prefer, they should both be able to assist.






TicketmasterThe Ticket Factory




If you have been in touch with the relevant customer service department and they have been unable to assist you, you can contact us (please include as much information as possible) and we will try and help.