Jul 1st, 2010

Rod's Diary - LA to Seattle


San Bernardino is about 80 miles out of LA and is a very well equipped Amphitheater with a potential maximum capacity of over 40,000, about 12,000 seated and the rest on the lawns. Like most acts who play there we didn't expect to get even close to sell out, (not this time anyway!)  and anything over 15,000 looks good and we got close to 25,000 so it looked great. Fortunately about 2 miles from the venue we were met by our police escort and it was just as well as, although only about...

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Jun 25th, 2010

Rod's Diary - Denver, Albuquerque & Phoenix


We flew into Denver the day of the show, its always pleasant to see mountains out of the hotel window. The gig was at Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre where we last played in 2003 I think to about 5000 people. This time there were 11,000! The stage area is a bit smaller than most Amphitheatres but we are always able to adapt to a good extent by designing some flexibility in the production to allow for such variances so I don't think the fans missed anything at all. The stage was...

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Jun 22nd, 2010

Rod's Diary - Houston and San Antonio


  On arrival in Houston Nicko, Davey, Steve, Bruce, Jan and I, along with photographer John and IMTV boss Andy Matthews, set off for a very special and historical location, NASA Space Centre, as the invited guests of astronaut Michael J. Massimino and the NASA Mission Control fans. It was a memorable experience meeting and listening to the experiences of a bona fide astronaut, one who has undertaken four space walks including one to replace failed batteries in the Hubble...

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Jun 12th, 2010

Rod's back on the road! - Dallas Diary


So here we are again. Diary time.I arrived June 4th in Dallas and the band came in from rehearsals in Florida the following day. That night we all got together for dinner at a good nearby steakhouse (what else in Texas!) so we could catch up. I hadn't seen some of the guys for a long time as I didn't need to go out to recording. Steve won't let me hear anything til its finished anyway and there is little point hanging round the studio getting in the way. And of course I had...

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Apr 7th, 2009

Nicko's Diary - Buenos Aires & Recife


Well well well hello boys and girls, it's me again and I'm sitting here on Ed Force One in the parking space in Recife, Brazil. We played a show here last night and this morning we all got up early to get to the airport to depart to Florida, where we're doing out last show tomorrow night, but unfortunately something has gone wrong with the paperwork between the aeroplane, the ground control and the tower and therefore the flight plan people are arguing about who has submitted what and who...

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Mar 30th, 2009

Nicko's Diary - Chile & Peru


Well well well... hello boys and girls, it's Nicko here and I'm coming to you from Ed Force One. We've just this minute taken off from Peru, we did a show in Lima last night and what a honking, stonking show it was as well, I can tell you. We hit the stage at nine o'clock last night.. actually we were a little late going on as we had problems getting our pyro into Lima and we were trying to leave it til the last minute in the hope that we could get some explosive set up and all that good...

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Mar 26th, 2009

Rod's Diary - Chile


As dictated on Monday 23rdIt's a longish flight down to Santiago from Brasilia, it's about four hours but part of it was flying over the Andes where the view was amazing. We had to start out descent coming over the mountains to Santiago airport so we were pretty low and got the most amazing view of the mountain ranges with views of extinct (?) volcanoes blown apart. We landed and the airport was very much like last time - for some reason or other, unlike the other countries where we tend to...

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Mar 24th, 2009

Rod's Diary - Brasilia


On the Monday after Interlagos I had a well-deserved lie in - I think everyone did - and then we met up with the international media we had with us and did some interviews and such like, only for an hour and a half, wasn't too bad. The afternoon after that I just crashed out - went to my room, put the tv on and vegetated. It had been quite a long weekend and I was pretty knackered. Bruce on the other hand, full of beans as always, was charging off straight after the interviews into a helicopt...

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Mar 22nd, 2009

Rod's Diary - Salute Sao Paulo!


As dictated Tuesday 17th March.Quito may be the geographical middle of the world, but Sao Paulo is definitely the metal centre of the world. What a show! We had a good lie-in the day after the Rio show as we were leaving for the short flight to Sao Paulo from Rio at about one to fly at two o'clock. Bruce has to allow a certain amount of time between going off stage and being allowed to fly the plane so by leaving a bit later it allowed him to fly the plane with all our media team on board. So...

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Mar 18th, 2009

Rod's Diary - Film Premieres and Rio on heat!


We flew from Manaus into Rio on the Friday, its about a three and a half hour trip, to be met by the vans  and a police escort to get us to the hotel as quickly as we could cos the traffic was pretty bad. Took an awful long time to get there even with the escort, about an hour and a half stuck in a van with Nicko which isn't what you need after a long-ish flight. Got there and went straight to the bar to meet up with various people arriving for the weekend - it's a pretty big weekend...

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Mar 17th, 2009

Nicko's Splurging Diary (!)


As transcribed on Sunday 15th March...Well, well, well boys and girls -- Nicko here! Yes you thought you'd seen the last of me didn't you? Well I've got news for you... I'm back, just for the one splurging diary for you all. I'm coming for you, I like coming for you with mumbling jumbling words of wisdom and mayhem...I'm on Ed Force One at the moment flying from Rio de Janiero to sunny San Paulo and my goodness it's very hot and humid down here. We played a show in Rio last night with was...

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Mar 16th, 2009

Rod's Diary - Quito and Manaus


And so the next day we went off to Quito. I'd always wanted to go to Ecuador and to Quito when I was a kid, they're fascinating places, pretty high in the Andes at just under 3000 metres which is slightly higher than Bogota but by the time we have the show we'll have been at high altitude for three or four days so the effects shouldn't be too bad. The only thing is that it gets quite cold in the evening at these altitudes so the guys'll probably get pretty cold on stage - a pain in the arse...

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