Feb 24th, 2011

Todd's Diary - Indonesia


We landed in Jakarta on February 16 (the actual days are becoming a blur) for Maiden's first ever shows in Indonesia.  This one was a really short flight, about 90 min, which is good after that long haul to Singapore. There was a lot going on for these Indonesia shows. Dickie had flown ahead of us from Moscow, straight through to Indonesia, to rebuild the stage so that it was safe for the band and could handle the Maiden lighting rig among other things. As I wrote in my last...

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Feb 20th, 2011

Todd's Diary - Singapore


We flew out of Moscow some time in the afternoon on Saturday the 12th. Now we were supposed to leave at 3 but due to traffic, our car didn't make it in time so the flight was slightly delayed and the rest got on us a bit when we finally made it. This and the de-icing of the plane, which I'm told is very important. We finally landed in Singapore on Sunday at 9:00am after an exhausting 11 hour flight with a fuel stop somewhere I can't pronounce but near Dubai. Days were already becomin...

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Feb 14th, 2011

Todd's Diary - Moscow Madness!


FIRST MY BACKGROUND:1983 -- Long Beach Arena  - World Piece Tour (Iron Maiden, Saxon, Fastway) My first Maiden show! 1985 -- "World Slavery Tour"  4 nights Long Beach Arena (Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister) 1985 to 2007 -- lots of other LA shows2007 -- "Pushed" my way into a meeting with Rod Smallwood whilst working in Press at Universal Records, Santa Monica.  I get to work on the DVD release of one of the greatest concert videos of...

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Feb 11th, 2011

Rod's Diary - Moscow, first show of 2011!


3pm Moscow, sitting in room with laptop typing this before we go along for the first show of the 2011 Final Frontier World Tour. Only seems yesterday when we finished touring last year in Valencia where I went with Bruce Air! And now of course we have Ed Force One back, but a newer sleeker 757 with its new colours as you will have seen on the website. Looks great doesn't it.Of course by Valencia I was already well into routing and arrangements for the 2011 touring. I like to...

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Nov 9th, 2010

Rod's Diary - Bergen and Valencia


We flew out of Pori after the show straight to Bergen arriving about 1am local time. Intrepid explorers Harry, Jan, Gaddsy, Ian and I went off immediately in search of a nearby bar as the hotel one was closed -- and of course what do we find -- an Irish Pub a few minutes from the hotel, open til 3am . So very civilised. We had a few beers and got talking to the staff there. We had decided that the brilliant efforts of the crew to get us not only onstage at all in Pori but also through a whole...

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Oct 25th, 2010

Rod's Diary - Sonisphere Sweden & Finland


So far this tour we had generally been lucky with bad weather and storms although we did get caught out a couple of times in Texas and Quebec, though nothing too extreme -  the severe heat was more of a problem in North America!  However, on arrival in Stockholm the day before the show we were told that the forecast for show day was terrible -- stormy, very heavy rain, lower temperatures than normal -- all you don't want for a festival. And unexpected this time of year in...

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Oct 18th, 2010

Rod's Diary - Sonisphere UK & Wacken


So its been quite a while for which I do apologise but it has been a hectic time. After the 2010 tour finished in Valencia on August 21st the band got to bugger off on hols -- or flying! -- for a few months but my fantastic team and I were already working on the whole complex touring for 2011. And before that we had the small thing of an album to get out to you guys! Lousy excuses I know, but it was really hard to get the head round sitting down and spending an hour...

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Jul 23rd, 2010

Rod's Diary - Chicago


My wife Kathy, daughter Laura (17) and her friend Charlotte, and youngest boy Jake (13...sorry! nearly 14) flew in for the MSG show and to stay in NY a few days and then go to Chicago with me and then on family hols. So I didn't go to Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Detroit much to Steve's surprise!) but all went well. We were a bit down on crowds in Pittsburgh, a bit under 9000, but the area is suffering as is Cleveland of course, where we had just under 10,000. Both getting a difficult...

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Jul 20th, 2010

Rod's Diary - New Jersey and New York


Back to back shows in NJ and NY with all the guest list mayhem that comes with it. Everyone on band and crew seems to suddenly have about 20 news friends and various lost family members. Are we mad? I have said before that London, LA and NY are a right pain from this standpoint -- its where the "music biz" largely resides so every assistant of some guy at a label with whom you had a ten minute meeting with in 1922 is a long lost friend and ally who thinks they can ask for a...

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Jul 20th, 2010

Rod's Diary - Quebec & Montreal


Montreal and Quebec, two really beautiful cities with some of the best Metal and Maiden fans on the planet. I have talked about this a lot in previous diaries, our whole history of them being places we headlined small arenas when we were still a support band in America, places where Bruce has always done all his inter-song talking in French, somewhere that, even after 20 years of marriage you can recall just how beautiful the girls there are !! So, always, it was pleasure to return!I...

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Jul 18th, 2010

Rod's Diary - Toronto and Ottawa


So, following on from my last diary, I met up with the Banger Boys on the Monday evening for dinner and a few beers -- not too crazy as it happens as they had just flown back from Helsinki in Finland where they were working on a new project, which no doubt you will hear of in the near future. The trip included a delay of some 2 hours at the connection in Germany. All considering they did pretty well to get out with me! Its always fun to see Sam, Scott and Dave. Especially of course...

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Jul 5th, 2010

Rod's Diary - Vancouver to Edmonton


We flew into Vancouver straight from the Seattle show, or rather Auburn as it's a bit outside Seattle, and the following day I took a seaplane to Victoria on Vancouver Island where my parents both live. They have been in Canada thirty odd years now which I guess makes me honorary Canadian. Of course great to see them. Stayed with them overnight then took the seaplane back to Vancouver in time for the show. Have to say I always enjoy the seaplane ride, and the views...

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