Jul 14th, 1999

Nicko - Montreal


Well hello EVERYONE, Nicko here! How the devil are you? Yes, I'm feeling fine thank you very much. It's 2am on the 14th July straight after the show in Montreal. I can tell you, these fans REALLY ROCK! We hit the stage at 8.45 last night to a completely CRAZY crowd. The lights went down and the temperature went up, the fans were going nuts. We started on full octane and stayed there for a while, but I've got to say my wheels came off and I wasn't quite in the zone for a couple of songs. You...

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Jul 13th, 1999

Rod - St John


When we take a big production out on tour - which is pretty well always - we usually find somewhere a bit off the beaten track to prepare the show. We take about a week in a large hall with good staging and rigging points to 'fly' the lights and some of the PA. The first few days are crew only getting everything up and tested and ironing out any last minute technical problems. The band then go in for final rehearsals and a run through the full set a couple of times with full lighting ,PA and...

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Jul 11th, 1999

Dave - St John


Janick and I arrived on Tuesday night and after checking into our hotel, the first job we had to do was to find the nearest bar and down a few beers. Of course this was to delay the effects of jet lag!! We have taken over the local venue for production rehearsals. It's a really large arena, and believe me it needs to be a big place because the stage set is ENORMOUS! It was a great feeling as we walked in to see the sheer size of everything. It reminded me of the shows that we put on in the...

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Jun 30th, 1999

Janick - Montreal


Hiya, Janick here with an update on what's going in the Maiden camp with 14 days to go before we hit the stage in Montreal, Canada. The question everybody has been asking is what Maiden will sound like with three guitars. From my point of view, it sounds like classic Iron Maiden but much HEAVIER! We have been working on some very interesting 3 part harmonies which really adds more texture to the songs in a live situation. There are also some great dual solos on some songs. It's definitely not...

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Jun 24th, 1999

Bruce - Montreal


Well, here we are with 20 days to go before the first show in Montreal and we really can't wait to get out there and play. The rehearsals are going fantastically well and we are bashing our way through the set. The running order that we are working on at the moment works very well and feels right. I don't think it will be necessary to change anything around. So far we have concentrated on the first half hour of the set, and I can safely say that it will be a 'riproaring' introduction to the...

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