Apr 12th, 2011

Todd's Diary - Recife & Curitiba


When I first got to Recife, it really felt like I was back in the United States. It reminded me of Florida. Just like in Rio, they had these great beach bars every block or so, right along the beach. It was hot out when we got there so I stopped at the nearest one and got a coconut. Why not? I was in Brazil and it seemed like the thing to do. Nothing says Brazil than sitting by the beach and drinking out of a coconut. At least in my version of it. Very refreshing. I sat there for a while and...

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Apr 5th, 2011

Todd's Diary - Brasilia & Belem


We finally made it to Brasilia! On our ride from the airport to the hotel we passed by a lot of great looking buildings built in the 1960s. With the whole retro architectural boom going on in the states, the buildings really stand out as individual pieces of art. People with money where I live pay millions for houses with the same look and feel. Really cool stuff. When we arrived at the hotel, somewhere around 2pm, I went to a shopping area and had a look around. It actually felt little like...

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Apr 2nd, 2011

Todd's Diary - Rio


Boy, this tour has been a wild ride so far with plenty of twists and turns. I'm sure you've read on the IM website and Internet that the show was postponed until Monday due to the collapse of the barricade, but let's start at the beginning. After the Sao Paulo show, the Krew had an overnight AM bus ride to Rio, straight in to the HSBC Arena since this was another back to back. Their resilience never ceases to amaze me. The band had to fly on Ed Force One a little later so they could...

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Apr 1st, 2011

Todd's Diary - Sao Paulo


Brazil! Let the madness begin. We landed around 9 at night and were kept on the plane again for immigration but at least it went a little quicker this time around. We got to the hotel around 10PM and I went to the hotel bar to meet with Bruce, Rod (who had flown in the night before) and our local EMI reps Nando and Luiz. The bar finally closed at around 2AM. We still hadn't eaten at this point so we (Janick, the Flight Krew and I) went to a gas station to grab some food.  When we got...

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Mar 31st, 2011

Todd's Diary - Peru


It was a quick skip to Peru from Colombia (3hr). Now we are moving into the final part of leg 1 of "The Final Frontier World Tour 2011" and the intensity of the fans is full on. Things get crazy as we roll deeper into South America and the unexpected events happening during the tour keep coming but more on that later. It's not the fans here are "bigger" fans here than other places. It's just different in the way they express themselves from place...

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Mar 27th, 2011

Todd's Diary - Colombia


When we approached the runway in Colombia, it was kind of what I imagined it would look like. As we started our descent, we burst through the thick clouds of Colombia (they actually looked like pieces of floating land) and over the beautiful green hills I had only seen in documentaries.  Colombia is bordered on the northwest by Panama, on the east by Venezuela and Brazil, and on the southwest by Peru and Ecuador. Through the western half of the country, three Andean ranges run north...

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Mar 22nd, 2011

Todd's Diary - Mexico


How do you press on after the tragic turn of recent events? I guess you just have to. That's all you can do, really. With tens of thousands of kids coming to see you, many for the first time, you can't pull back in the slightest. You have to charge on with a heavy heart which is what the band did. We flew in to Monterrey on an overnight flight direct from Honolulu, arriving the next morning local time. Monterrey is the third-largest city in Mexico, capital of Nuevo León and the...

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Mar 14th, 2011

Todd's Diary - Japan


Where to begin...It's now 4:00 AM and I'm finally in my hotel, sad and exhausted. We landed in Hawaii around 2 AM after a five hour flight straight from Japan. On a side note it does feel nice to be here since my family is all over this island and I'll probably get to see some of them before we take off to Mexico. A bit of home is always good. Lets work back a little to when we were leaving Korea as since then a  lot has happened. First off I was really looking forward to finally...

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Mar 14th, 2011

Todd's Diary - More Soundwave & Korea


After a 7am call time and a quick 1.5 hour flight, we headed straight to the festival site, luggage in tow. It was a lot hotter than Melbourne. It's a funny thing with this Australian weather. It went from hot to freezing and back to hot. Amazing that I haven't gotten a cold by now. Adelaide waited 26 years for the band to return and they were ready. By the time Maiden were about to hit the stage, there was a sea of faces going as far back as I could see. Kids were being pulled out of the...

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Mar 9th, 2011

Todd's Diary - Soundwave pt.1


What happens when the Killer Krew has a non-show day, after early arrivals, back to back shows in the hot sun and an open bar? A LOT! Understand that even on most of the non-show days, the Krew never really gets down time. During shows they are working and between shows they are usually travelling or at the site prepping and loading in. They are first to arrive, the last to leave. So when Gaddsy,on behalf of Rod and the band, sent the text to them all that everyone was invited to the Orient...

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Feb 28th, 2011

Todd's Diary - Brisbane & Sydney


February 25th was a non-show day so I decided to go out to Manly Beach by ferry with Dickie and Janick. It was good to get out of the room for a bit, break from work and see a little of Sydney. It would be a waste if I didn't. I also really wanted to get a few shots of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Sydney Opera House is a masterpiece of late modern architecture. It is admired internationally and proudly treasured by the people of Australia. It was created by a...

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Feb 26th, 2011

Todd's Diary - Melbourne & Sydney


It really is a strange feeling to leave a country in the morning, chasing the sunset and only 4 hours into the flight it is night.fall  Strange feeling indeed. We landed in Melbourne, Australia around 10pm and were greeted by a nice, cool breeze. I actually needed my jacket for the first time since Russia. At the hotel we were standing out front and I sighed with relief as the light wind blew through. Steve happened to be walking up and replied "Feels good, dunnit."...

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