Oct 5th, 2011

Rod's Diary - Last few shows of 2011


First of all, everybody -- sorry it's been a little while since you heard from me but it's been pretty hectic recently and then of course we had a break after the end of the Tour. I think I last left you just as we reached the Nordic territories when Mr Howard Johnson took over with some illuminating Diaries. It was good to see Howard again -- an old friend of the band who was with us way, way back in '85 and so it was great to have him on the road once more so many years later! As I mentione...

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Aug 2nd, 2011

Mary's Diary - Faro


After Rod's Diary, Todd's Diary and Hojo's Diary ...Faro's one is coming from me, Mary.  Just so you know who I am and why I've been let loose on a Diary... I work for Rod at the Iron Maiden Management Office. I've had the pleasure of meeting many of you over the past few years, particularly on the Bruce Air flights during the Somewhere Back In Time Tour. Prior to my job here I was at EMI International where I was lucky enough to work not just on Maiden projects but...

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Jul 25th, 2011

HoJo's Diary - Helsinki to St Petersburg


Scandinavia sure loves its metal. There's something in that Viking heritage that seems to subconsciously recognise a real connection between their warrior past and the present intensity of rock music. And if Scandinavia loves its metal, then it really loves its Maiden. Rightly recognised as standard-bearers for a music that has never been fashionable, but has always been there, there's an almost tangible love for the band wherever we go up here. At Oslo airport following the band's show there...

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Jul 20th, 2011

HoJo's Diary - Rock Werchter and Oslo


Iron Maiden and I go back a long way. To the days of denim and leather, long hair that was barely on nodding terms with conditioner, bleary eyes and blurry nights when it just seemed so easy to burn the candle at both ends. Plenty of water has gone under the bridge since I shared an unforgettable couple of weeks with the band on the now-legendary 1985 trip to Communist-era Poland in my capacity as cub reporter for Kerrang! magazine. You can see the 19-year-old me lurking on the 'Iron...

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Jul 19th, 2011

Rod's Diary - Gothenburg


So it was with a light heart but very heavy head I landed in Gothenburg about 2pm day of show and was taken straight to hotel. This was the third time we have played and sold out this magnificent 55,000+ capacity stadium. As in my past diaries (more) it is an incredible experience to visit Gothenburg for a Maiden show. Although it has a population of around 500,000 I understand, and that is including suburbs, when you put this many Maiden fans into a city...

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Jul 11th, 2011

Rod's Diary - Paris


It was a beautiful day in England when we set off for Paris, the hottest day in many years apparently. And it was the same in Paris which led to one of the hottest gigs we have ever known. But more on that later.We took the Eurostar from St Pancras so an early start for me in Hove - 7am, not the best way to start a show day! Train to Victoria and then 4 stops on Victoria Line and met my partner Andy for a cup of coffee before we boarded. Have to say Eurostar is an easy way to travel and the...

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Jun 28th, 2011

Rod's Diary - Holland & the Festivals


And so after a very successful full Arena tour of Germany, our first so extensive in many years. It was off to  Holland. This was the first time we have played the Gelredome in Arnhem. It is basically an indoor football pitch with bleacher style seats around the perimeter. This works well for us as there were about 14,000 on the floor with over 10,000 more in the bleachers and it looked fantastic even though it's a very wide hall. The sound was surprisingly good too in a venue with...

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Jun 23rd, 2011

Rod's Diary - Germany


Hello again and sorry about a late diary but it's been a bit frantic as you probably can tell. I am back on diary duty for this tour as, due to the different nature and requirements of a European Tour and the fact that we will be doing a lot less media than we do visiting new places around the globe, Todd is not with us for this. I thought he did a very good job with the diaries earlier this year and it was great to have a fresh approach and he will of course continue working with us in...

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Apr 26th, 2011

Todd's Diary - Florida


It was a 3-hour flight into Ft. Lauderdale and everyone on the plane were in really good spirits. Actually, I found that the mood was great all the way through especially considering the stress of the tour and lack of sleep. I sat there with surprisingly more energy than I've had in a while. I started on my diary entry for Puerto Rico and occasionally stared out the window trying to digest everything that has happened since we first left Stansted, now seeming so long ago.  After we...

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Apr 22nd, 2011

Todd's Diary - Puerto Rico


It's hard to believe we were almost at the end of the first leg. I was now getting very close to my homeland and I could almost feel it. While Puerto Rico is not actually considered a state, it is considered part of the US so it was close enough. When we were in the airport Steve came up to me with a smile and said "Almost home now." It must have shown on my face or maybe, touring for so long, he sensed that I could feel it and knows what its like. He was spot on. I was...

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Apr 18th, 2011

Todd's Diary - Santiago


Before we left Argentina I decided that it would have been a shame not to experience something of historic significance so just before we were set to leave, I made a quick trip to La Recoleta Cemetery. It was both fascinating and just a little bit morbid. It was like a city of graves but then again what did I expect from a mausoleum. There I ran into Andy Taylor, his wife Liz and Rod's son Tom. Andy then took me to Eva Peron's grave. Evita! As Andy put it, how could you go to Recoleta without...

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Apr 16th, 2011

Todd's Diary - Buenos Aires


There was a lot going on in Buenos Aries. Before I even left Curitiba, I had been working with the local promoters in Argentina on details regarding an interview at the hotel Bruce was to do with one of Argentina's top Djs Mario Pagoloni and trying to make sure everything went without a hitch. We also had William from EMI (see Singapore-Bali diaries) who is a good friend of the band and management coming in with Alex Milas from Metal Hammer. Rod was also rejoining us in Buenos Aries as was...

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