Jul 8th, 2014

The Great War Display Team gallery

On Saturday 5th July, Maiden headlined Sonisphere Festival. And to add a little bit extra to the day, Bruce and The Great War Display Team did a little airshow for the crowd. Here's how the day came together...

The team congregated at RAF Henlow, just up the road from Knebworth.


Rubbish weather in the morning slowly gave way to decent conditions. The British aircraft showed up first, the Germans were scared of the rain!

Refuelling after a soggy flight up from home base.

Bruce makes sure the team's new tailgunner is ready for action.


Don't mess with Eddie!


Hitching a ride in the CL1


Bruce getting ready for take off from Henlow.


The team gave us a flypast as they formed up for the transit to Sonisphere.


Meanwhile, The Band of the Bugles and Rifles were having a rehearsal in front of Knebworth House.


Watch the skies! How to get everyone to look away from the stage at a festival!


Bruce scores a hit on Gordon in the Sopwith Triplane.


Sneaking up on the SE5s.


Richie's going down!


Bruce's Bad Mother-Fokker!


The Last Post. A tribute to the pilots of WW1.


Mission accomplished, Bruce arrives at Sonisphere in time for Maiden's headlining set!