Jun 3rd, 2013

IRON MAIDEN Sao Paolo concert moves to ANHEMBI ARENA due to imposed sound restrictions at the Jockey

As all of Maiden’s fans worldwide know IRON MAIDEN does not compromise when it comes to the performance and spectacular production they put on for their fans. The concert which was earlier scheduled to take place at Sao Paulo’s Jockey Club on September 20th will now happen at Arena Anhembi due to noise limitations imposed by the previous venue. When they were informed by their promoter in Sao Paulo, XYZ Live,  that there would be sound level restrictions at the Jockey Club, IRON MAIDEN advised the Promoters that they would prefer to find a place where sound levels would not be restricted and to make any change with minimum hassle for their fans.

Therefore Iron Maiden with Special guests Slayer and Ghost will now play at the ANHEMBI ARENA on the same day (September 20th, 2013) and same configuration as the Jockey Club so ticket prices remain the same so no ticket exchange is required. Arena Anhembi provides the ideal infrastructure and ease of access whether you are driving or using public transport.

Purchasers looking for reimbursement due to the venue change can find instructions to do so on livepass.com.br

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