Sep 6th, 2013

First US show reviews are in...


One of the biggest highlights included the hallmark of Iron Maiden’s sound, ‘The Phantom of the Opera.’ The song is incredibly heavy with the triple threat on guitars and boasts a busy light show to compliment the pummeling Nicko McBrain gave his kit. The other dazzling highlight was the epic ‘Seventh Son of a Seventh Son,’ which saw the clairvoyant Eddie emerge from behind Nicko, complete with candles a bit further apart on each side of the scribe figure. The song is a daunting task vocally, and Bruce beautifully powered through it, holding out a note before the spoken word section for nearly 20 seconds. Dry ice and fog filled the stage to set the mood for the middle section that slowly built up before erupting into melody and chaotic solo battles between Dave Murray and Adrian Smith. Pyrotechnic explosions from the up top worked symbiotically with the synthesizer choruses provided by Michael Kenney, who appeared from behind the stage for this song, donning a mask and cape behind an organ.

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Iron Maiden w/Megadeth at Bridgestone Arena, 9/5/13

From the precise, highly charged, ceaselessly entertaining, note-perfect performance to an equally inspired and inspiring stage production and an absolutely stellar set list (“Phantom of the Opera,” anyone? Hello?), we really can’t stress enough how impossibly flawless this show was.

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